LSS CoR-Safe System

LSS specialises in assisting clients manage their Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligation to ensure truck safety and compliance within their supply chains.

As a result of the introduction of CoR within Australian road transport laws, all parties in a supply chain – not just the carrier – now share responsibility for the safe operation of trucks within that supply chain.

LSS is Australia and New Zealand’s leading end-to-end CoR management expert. LSS clients use the LSS CoR-Safe System to ensure that they and their supply chain partners

  • understand their duties for managing CoR
  • regularly check that they comply with these duties

LSS CoR-Safe:

  • is aligned with the CoR Master Code and the NHVR Safety Management System methodology
  • includes a combination of web-based and in-house services to conveniently reach out to all parties of any size within a supply chain.

“We ALL have a responsibility for safety within our supply chains”

LSS CoR-Safe Products & Services

LSS CoR-Safe Register

A web based safety management register for clients to administer the CoR compliance of their supply chain.

LSS CoR-Safe Processes

The documentation of a client’s CoR standard operating processes.

LSS CoR-Safe Training

Web based and/or on-site role-based CoR awareness and process training programs.


A web based Incident/Non-Conformance Management System to either log or close off incident and non-conformance reports, for use across a whole supply chain.

LSS CoR-Safe Inspector

A site inspections web application, enabling site personnel to record inspections of in-bound and out-bound trucks and to escalate issues for immediate response.

LSS CoR-Safe Audits

External CoR audits of client’s supply chain parties by LSS auditors to check participants are 100% CoR compliant.

LSS can tailor a solution for your business

LSS understands that every business is different when it comes to CoR obligations. LSS can customise an end-to-end CoR solution using some or all of the LSS CoR-Safe products and services. Click the get in touch button to register for a free no obligation consultation.

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