We are greatly encouraged by an article written this week by COR experts Holding Redlich lawyers on the use of technology to manage COR. This is because it supports the approach we have taken to assist LSS clients in managing COR within their supply chains through our on-line COR System.

The Holding Redlich article identifies a number of areas of compliance where technology can “lend a hand”, including

  • Mass Management
  • Speed Management
  • Fatigue Management
  • Contractor/Subcontractor Management
  • Information management
  • Recording and Demonstrating compliance

The LSS COR System assists in a number of these areas.The technology behind the on-line LSS COR System enables clients to

  • Ensure that internal business units and outsourced providers
    • Understand their responsibilities for managing Load Restraint, Mass Management, Dimensions, Fatigue Management, Speeding and Equipment Maintenance within client supply chains
    • Confirm their level of compliance with these responsibilities, through either self-audits or external audits
  • Train personnel on COR and the system used by clients to manage COR
  • Access an “incident reporting system” (otherwise referred to as a Non-Conformance Reporting System) to log and track in-field incidents affecting compliance
  • Produce leadership KPIs on the status of their COR projects
  • Maintain all data and records required to prove the above

We will also soon be launching a new Mobile Application to enable unloading and loading sites to conduct driver declarations and compliance inspections via mobile phones or tablets, replacing highly inefficient and inaccurate paper-based inspection sheets.

To read the Holding Redlich article click here