LSS has just launched a major update to its branding and CoR management system after an extensive review of impacts from the October heavy vehicle regulatory reforms and Master Code, which was registered with the NHVR last week. Key updates include: 1.       The re-branding of the LSS CoR management system as the LSS CoR-Safe System, comprising:

  • The on-line LSS CoR-Safe Register (previously known as the LSS CoR Project), a 3-4 stage process used by LSS clients and over 3,000 of their supply chain partners to confirm that they understand their duties (via the LSS CoR-Safe Guide) and comply with these duties (via the on-line self-audit or on-site external audits)
  • On-line, role-based, CoR-Safe Awareness Training Programs (which currently have over 6,000 client personnel registered to ensure they understand CoR and their duties)
  • An on-line CoR-Safe Incident Management System, through which any party in a supply chain can log or close off any incidents affecting CoR compliance
  • The web-app, CoR-Safe Inspector, through which site personnel can record compliance inspections via device connected to the internet
  • On-site, external CoR compliance audits by LSS’s team of auditors

2. Alignment with the Master Code. The alignment has been verified by Holding Redlich lawyers and has involved an update to the LSS CoR Standard (now the LSS CoR-Safe Guide) and amendments to items in the on-line self-audit. One of the exciting possibilities is now to have mutual recognition of CoR audits with other auditing organisations that are also aligning their systems and audits to the Master Code A new website providing easier access to key information about CoR and the LSS CoR-Safe System, which you will experience next time you visit or If you need assistance managing your CoR obligations or require further assistance or information about the changes, please do not hesitate to contact the LSS Help Desk – T: 03 5911 8026 or via email: