At a recent workshop, LSS clients confirmed their aim of achieving “mutual recognition” of CoR audits conducted by LSS, TruckSafe and AMCAS.

 The aim is that the LSS CoR-Safe Register, containing the compliance status of LSS clients and over 2,500 of their supply chain partners, will recognise audits conducted by TruckSafe and AMCAS after both organisations confirm alignment with the Master Code.

 Similarly, the aim is for TruckSafe and AMCAS to recognise audits conducted by LSS, given that the LSS CoR-Safe System has been aligned with the Master Code since November 2018.

We are now reaching out to both TruckSafe and AMCAS. For more information regarding the LSS online 3 stage CoR-Safe compliance register, please visit or call us on 03 5911 8026