LSS CoR-Safe Products & Services

All LSS CoR-Safe products and services are aligned with the latest Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and the new Master Industry Code of Practice. As a result of the legislation and the Master Code, LSS created the LSS CoR-Safe Guide to make it easier for client’s to interpret their CoR obligations.

  1. CoR-Safe Register

    A key element in managing CoR is ensuring that internal business units (e.g. Head Office and internal sites) and outsourced providers (including in-bound suppliers, outsourced sites or carriers engaged directly)

    • understand their duties for managing CoR
    • are regularly checked for compliance with these duties

    The LSS CoR-Safe Register currently contains the compliance status of over 3,000 supply chain parties nominated by LSS clients. Through this register clients nominate their internal business units and outsourced providers and then each nominated supply chain party completes 3-4 on-line stages.

    • Stage 1 – completion of a competency-based CoR awareness training program
    • Stage 2 – downloading of an LSS CoR Guide (aligned with the Master Code) that identifies duties throughout a supply chain and any other relevant CoR documents e.g. Load Restraint Guide
    • Stage 3 – a self-audit, detailing the degree to which each party (a) has documented a process and (b) has implemented the process, for each item in the LSS Guide relating to their function(s)
    • Stage 4 – if selected – an external audit of compliance is conducted by LSS or another auditor recognised by LSS

    Via a web based management dashboard, clients have visibility to the compliance status of each nominated supply chain party and can take appropriate steps to ensure each confirms a 100% score. Clients can also generate reports on the compliance status of their supply chain.

    Once a supply chain party completes the 3-4 stages once, their status is applicable and visible to each client that nominates them. Supply chain parties receive fortnightly reminders if their score is less than 100% and must validate their score each 12 months to ensure it is current.

  2. CoR-Safe Processes

    We assist clients to document CoR Manuals defining the processes and accountabilities to manage internal duties outlined in the LSS CoR-Safe Guide.

    LSS has developed template CoR Manuals for each level of client operations, including:

    • Head Office/Executive duties
    • Outsourcing duties
    • Loading/Unloading Site duties
    • Internal Operation of Trucks duties
    • A Load Restraint Guide

    Through workshops with relevant client management, LSS:

    • provide clients with these template manual/s
    • assist clients to modify the templates to suit their specific operating requirements and structures
    • identify how to engage with relevant personnel (from leadership and “head office” departments through to site-level personnel) to ensure they understand and “sign on” to the processes
  3. CoR-Safe Training

    LSS provide clients with web based and/or on-site training programs, for both CoR awareness and CoR processes. Each client’s needs are unique and a blend of both types of training is applied where required.

    LSS web based role-specific CoR awareness training programs provide a detailed overview of what CoR is all about, and why and how CoR duties need to be managed at a role-specific level.

    Role specific versions currently include:

    • Leadership Teams/Executives
    • Load Planners & Schedulers
    • Site Teams (including site management and supervisors, loading/unloading teams, site-level load planners/schedulers, gatekeepers & load planners)
    • Sales/Account Management/Customer Service
    • Procurement
    • Employee Drivers
    • General Awareness

    The web based training programs:

    • are competency-based
    • enable nominated training managers to enrol personnel and monitor their completion
    • enable trainees to download a “certificate of completion” when successfully completed
    • issue – fortnightly reminders if the training is incomplete and biennial alerts to complete refresher training
    • are currently used by over 2,500 client personnel

    LSS also provides clients with on-site CoR training sessions for CoR awareness and/or CoR processes. These sessions are:

    • role-specific or general training
    • focused on CoR awareness and/or processes required to manage CoR duties
    • modified to suit specific client requirements
    • delivered by LSS trainers
    • in a competency-based format
    • formatted to encourage input and active participation by personnel involved
    • fed into our web-based system to maintain a ‘live’ record of completion, with biennial reminders of the need to complete refresher training
  4. CoR-Safe IMS

    Every CoR safety management system must provide internal personnel and outsourced providers with the ability to log, review and close off incidents/non-conformances affecting CoR compliance and enable management to track and address trends arising.

    LSS has developed a web-based CoR-Safe Incident Management System (IMS), which

    • enables any supply chain party nominated by a client to create an incident/non-conformance report
    • enables the report creator to nominate who should receive and respond to the incident report
    • requires the nominated party to issue proposed corrective action(s) to the report creator, who can either accept or reject the corrective action(s)
    • issues reminders if incident reports remain open
    • provides client management with visibility of each report and its status
  5. CoR-Safe Inspector

    LSS CoR-Safe Inspector is a web-based app that replaces inefficient paper-based recording systems with an app enabling on-site personnel to easily and efficiently conduct and record site compliance inspections, driver declarations and “watching brief” incidents on any mobile device with internet connection.

    The LSS CoR-Safe Inspector App allows site personnel to:

    • perform driver declarations and load compliance inspections
    • photos can be taken and uploaded
    • all data is ‘Live’ and accessible 24/7 to management for review and management reporting
    • incidents can be immediately escalated to nominated managers for investigation and follow-up

    Inspection checklists can be based on an LSS template or modified to suit your site requirements (e.g. to add OHS or product integrity items)

  6. CoR-Safe Audits

    Our specialised team of CoR auditors regularly conduct external compliance audits of client internal business units or a sample of their supply chains.

    The external audit fee includes:

    • use of the LSS audit checklist
    • preparation of the audit with the party to be audited (including completion of the Stage 3 self-audit)
    • pre-audit communication with the audited party
    • conducting the audit
    • a de-brief at the end of the audit
    • the issue of a draft audit report within 7 days of the audit
    • within 7 days later, the issue of the final audit report
    • on-going communication with the audited party to discuss and confirm the closure of gaps and the updating of the on-line audit score