International Supply Chains must comply with Australian CoR Laws

Australian supply chains need to ensure that their international suppliers (a) understand their duties for managing CoR within Australian supply chains (in particular load restraint and axle/gross weights for containers) and (b) are regularly checked for compliance with these duties.

At a recent LSS Client workshop this requirement was highlighted to attendees who were informed about a recent prosecution of an importer because of an imported load that shifted in a container, causing the container to fall off a truck and kill and injure other motorists, resulting in a civil suit of millions of dollars against the driver, his employer and the importer.

The LSS CoR-Safe System specifically reaches out to international suppliers, ensuring they:

  • understand their CoR duties – in particular those for load restraint and axle/gross weights
  • are regularly checked for compliance, via (a) an on-line self-audit (b) processes ensuring that any unloading site within an Australian supply chain check a reasonable percentage of loads for compliance (c) unloading site staff being trained to maintain a “watching brief” and (d) having any incident logged, reviewed and closed off

LSS is an end-to-end CoR Management specialist in Australia and New Zealand, with over 30 years of collective experience in heavy vehicle safety and compliance. Please visit www.CoR-Safe for more information and to see a full list of LSS clients or call us on 03 5911 8026.