A massive hike in recent heavy vehicle load restraint accidents, that could have been prevented, highlights the importance for companies to revise their load restraint procedures (LRP’s) to align with the new National Transport Commission (NTC) guidelines. These guidelines exist so that every part of the supply chain understands the requirement for documented and approved load restraint systems. Please click here for the full story on recent increases in LRP incidents. 

As part of the Logistics Safety Solutions (LSS) Chain of responsibility (CoR) Management System, we assist clients to document LRP’s for their supply chains based on the new NTC guide. Once updated, LRP’s are easily issued to all parties in a client’s supply chain using our web based CoR Management System.

To further comply with the NTC’s LRP guidelines, all loading and unloading sites should be inspecting a reasonable percentage of inbound and outbound loads. LSS clients can conveniently fulfill this obligation by recording and storing any load inspection via our web based LSS Site Inspector App.

For more information about the LSS CoR Management System or specifically about the LSS Site Inspector App, please call us on 03 5911 8026 or visit our website by clicking here. For more information about the new NTC LRP guidlines please click here.