CoR Summit – CoR Compliance to be a Condition of Trade?

A major Summit on Chain of Responsibility, last week has uncovered that CoR compliance will increasingly factor into procurement and contract arrangements with Governments and listed companies.

The Supply Chain Safety & Compliance Summit, hosted by the Australian Logistics Council (ALC), considered the impact of CoR reforms to be implemented in 2018, including massive increases in fines for COR breaches and far greater board & executive responsibilities to manage CoR within supply chains.

A communique issued by the ALC following the Summit stated that “Both Governments and listed companies are writing CoR compliance requirements into contractual arrangements, and won’t deal with businesses that can’t demonstrate compliance.”

Are You CoR Ready?

Requirements for managing CoR reforms are becoming clearer.  In particular, organisational leadership must ensure there is a top-down management system in place to manage COR internally and by outsourced providers, and must ensure there is compliance with that system.

The Logistics Safety Solutions CoR System is used to manage CoR compliance within a supply chain. LSS clients and over 2,000 of their outsourced providers are registered with the LSS CoR System to ensure that all internal business units and outsourced providers understand their CoR responsibilities and are accountable for confirming compliance with these responsibilities.

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