The biggest CoR Reforms in heavy vehicle regulation history arrived on the 1st October 2018. Outcomes of 2018 CoR Reforms include:

  • A massive increase in fines, for companies maximum fines increased from $60,000 to $3 million & for individuals maximum fines increased from $16,000 to $300,000 and up 5 years in jail
  • Alignment of OHS and CoR laws
  • Executives must exercise due diligence to ensure safe truck activities within the supply chain
  • Companies must have a top-down CoR safety management system.
  • Inclusion of vehicle standards – equipment maintenance.

This Month the Master Industry Code of Practice will also be registered with the regulator. LSS is in the process of aligning its systems with the 2018 reforms and the Master Code and aims to have everything updated by the end of November.

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