Latest LSS COR Forum highlights need for urgent action on proper COR Management 

The latest Chain of Responsibility (COR) Forum hosted by Logistics Safety Solutions (LSS) at Holding Redlich Head Office in Melbourne this month, has uncovered expectations arising from the forthcoming COR reforms to be introduced in 2018.

Guest Speakers included two of Australia’s leading COR authorities, Michael Crellin – COR Manager at the National Heavy Vehicle Register (NHVR) & Nathan Cecil – Partner at Holding Redlich Lawyers.

The reforms expected in 2018 will include:

–          The Alignment of terminology in laws covering COR and OH&S

–          A direct responsibility by organisational Leadership and Executive Officer’s to lead a top-down COR management system

–          Prosecutions – possible even without an on-road incident

–          A massive increase in maximum fines of up to $3 million and 5 years goal per serious breach

–          Introduction of Equipment Maintenance as a COR component

–          Introduction of Registered Codes of Practice

Attendees at the LSS Forum discussed what it means to be “COR Ready” in order to manage the COR risks they face both internally and via external outsourced providers (e.g. Suppliers, outsourced sites or carriers engaged directly). This includes:

  1. A top-down COR management system
  2. COR risks and risk responses are documented and implemented
  3. Training of personnel – at COR awareness and process levels
  4. Regular checks on compliance
  5. COR management of outsourced providers (including suppliers, outsourced sites and carriers engaged directly). It was highlighted that businesses can’t contract out COR responsibilities & must ensure outsourced providers understand and confirm compliance with their responsibilities at a detailed, formal level. These requirements should be enshrined in outsourced provider contracts.

The LSS Forum analysed how the 4-Stage LSS COR Management System, used by LSS clients and over 1,600 of their outsourced providers, addresses each of the above and the range of LSS tools used by clients as part of this System, including:

–          On-line, role-based COR awareness training program

–          An Incident Management System

–          Template wording for outsourced provider contracts

–          An App enabling on-site personnel to conduct compliance checks via any mobile device

–          A Compliance Register detailing the compliance status of LSS clients and outsourced providers registered to complete the System

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