About Logistics Safety Solutions (LSS)

LSS is Australia & New Zealand’s Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Management Expert. LSS Clients use the end-to-end CoR-Safe management system to manage CoR within their supply chains.

LSS CoR-Safe:

  • is aligned with the new Master Industry Code of Practise and NHVR Safety Management System methodology
  • caters for all functions within a supply chain
  • includes a suite of web-based and in-house services to conveniently reach out to any size supply chain

The LSS CoR-Safe system is used by over 45 major Australian supply chains. Over 3,000 businesses within LSS client supply chains are registered in the CoR-Safe Register. The aim for LSS is to provide clients with the tools to understand their CoR obligations
and to demonstrate 100% compliance with these obligations so clients and their stakeholders can meet the requirements of the latest HVNL legislation and Master Industry Code of Practice. LSS always ensures the currency of all of its CoR compliance products
and services resulting from changes to regulation, court decisions, & industry practice.

Paul Gaynor


Founder & Director of LSS – Paul Gaynor has a 20 year involvement in the road transport industry. Paul was an industry association leader, the founding CEO of the National Transport Federation (NatRoad), a founding board member
of the Australian Trucking Association (ATA), and also worked as a senior manager in road transport businesses. For the past 10 years Paul has been consulting to business in performance maximization and risk management.

LSS Clients

  • ACA International
  • Amcor Flexibles
  • Bega Cheese
  • Bunzl Australasia
  • Carlton United Breweries
  • CDM Logistics
  • Coates Hire
  • Daibochi
  • Elders
  • Fonterra
  • Fuch’s Lubicants
  • Graphic Packaging
  • JBS Australia
  • Manildra
  • George Weston Foods
  • GWF – Anzchem
  • GWF – AB Food
  • GWF – Mauri ANZ
  • GWF – Don
  • GWF – Jasol
  • GWF – Mauri ANZ
  • GWF – Tip Top
  • Mars Wrigley Confectionary
  • Mars Food
  • Mars Petcare
  • Mars Royal Canin
  • Mondelez
  • Natrio
  • Nestle
  • Nufarm
  • O-I Australia
  • Parmalat
  • Peter’s Ice Cream
  • Reckitt Benckiser
  • Selkirk
  • Simplot Australia
  • Snack Brands
  • Sunrice
  • Timberlink
  • Treasury Wine Estates
  • Valvoline

LSS Client Testimonials

Below are some testimonials from LSS Clients who have been working with LSS to manage their CoR obligations.

Bunzl Australia

Bunzl Australia

‘Logistics Safety Solutions have worked very closely with our company over the past 18 months to provide our business with a total operating CoR business system that meets and exceeds required standards under the Chain of Responsibility regulations.

The LSS CoR- Safe System being used by our sites and carriers around the land and our ongoing relationship with LSS, has provided our company with complete confidence of meeting our obligations within the CoR legislation.

We can now be confident that our operational teams are acting in their day to day activities guided by the principles of CoR.

The system itself is easy to navigate and accessing / locating documents, training records and inspection information is quick and efficient. The team at LSS are also a pleasure to deal with, if and whenever, support is required.

I have no hesitation in recommending the LSS CoR – Safe system to any business requiring a simple, compliant and well supported CoR business system’.

Paul Callanan – National Transport Manager

Tip Top George Western Foods

Tip Top George Western Foods

‘Tip Top Bakeries have been using the LSS CoR-Safe System since 2011. Reaching out to our large supply chain throughout Australia, ensuring that we and our supply chain partners understand their duties and confirm compliance with these duties, was a daunting task. The LSS CoR-Safe System, with its end-to-end, on-line and in-house tools and services, has eased the task considerably and has given us the visibility that we lacked. We are confident that we now have the right CoR management system in place’.

David White – National Logistics Manager

Treasury Wine Estates

Treasury Wine Estates

Managing CoR within a business and a supply chain the size of TWE was always going to be a major challenge. We have used the LSS CoR-Safe System since 2012 to manage CoR within our supply chain and to ensure we have a robust CoR Governance System in place to manage risk. It has provided us with the framework and tools to meet this challenge.

 LSS  has a friendly support team and help desk always ready to advise us if we have any problems or technical issues.  LSS CoR-Safe is also up to date with the latest HVNL laws and thus we have complete assurance in all that they offer.

 Robert Hefter – National Logistics Manager